Rev. Sharpton gave the eulogy at the funeral of Tyre Nichols and expressed his disgust with the five Black cops involved in Nichols’ death. 

Dr. Martin Luther King's speeches have grown to become timeless while greatly contributing to changing the tide of American history.

Racial and social justice leaders are urging policymakers to use MLK Day 2023 to emulate Martin Luther King in their official capacities.

The next time you hear Stevie Wonder’s amazing version of "Happy Birthday," remember everything Dr. King stood for.

The rapper has been under fire for meeting with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp.

One of Atlanta's most notable photographers and his foundation are celebrating MLK Day in some very special ways this year.

People we’re outraged Thursday afternoon when Playstation announced a new gaming experience on Fortnite that features Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Rush Limbaugh was a lightning rod for controversy -- and racism -- over his career that spanned nearly five decades.

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Park was created to give back to the community where the civil rights icon was raised, but it was recently on the receiving end thanks to a sizable donation to encourage recycling.

The same FBI that spied on Martin Luther King Jr. apparently thought the best way to celebrate his civil rights legacy on his national holiday was to use the good reverend doctor’s own words in vain.

The Rev. Al Sharpton led a battle cry at the National Action Network convention to defend civil rights.