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Each year, new laws impact every aspect of our lives.  Of the more than 200 new laws that went into effect January 1, NewsOne spotlights the more controversial, questionable and bizarre legislation of 2012.

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If you are a teacher in California, you will now be required to teach students about gay history and the contributions that the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community has made to society under the landmark SB48 law.


A new statewide law mandates safety features in golf carts, including brakes, reverse warning function, main on/off power switch, headlights, reflectors, tail lights, a horn, a review mirror, safety warning labels, hip restraints, and hand holds.


As of Jan. 1, motorcyclists can now run a red light but first must wait for a “reasonable amount of time” before proceeding through an intersection.


The Great Lake state  has eliminated the minimum hunting age, allowing kids under 10 to hunt turkey, deer and other wildlife with an adult who’s at least 21 years old.

New York

If you put your TV or computer out on the street, don’t expect anyone to pick it up. Sanitation workers are now prohibited from collecting these items. In addition, fertilizing your lawn in the Empire State from December to April is also no longer allowed.

Ohio, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Montana, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington

These states will experience automatic increases in minimum wage, totaling between 28 and 37 cents.

Rhode Island, Tennessee

Election law changes in Rhode Island and Tennessee will require voters to present photo ID, a measure that supporters say prevents fraud and that opponents say will make it harder for minorities and the elderly to cast ballots.

South Carolina

If businesses fail to check new hires’ legal status through E-verify, an Internet-based free program run by the U.S. government, officials will be able to yank their operating licenses.


Don’t go to Utah if you are looking to enjoy happy hour. This state’s new law bans daily drink specials.

These are just some of the new rules that have gone into effect on January 1st. Do any of them affect you?


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