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A video has been circulating of police officers in Utica, New York allegedly planting evidence in an African American couple’s car.

Utica police have denied that police were planting evidence in the car and claim that another part of the video shows the officer taking a bag from the man.

WKTV reports:

“Obviously it’s a personal opinion someone has, maybe an agenda. All I can tell you is this; if I have an officer that I feel is planting drugs, he’s not going to have a job with the Utica Police Department. It’s not in my bests interests to keep someone like that around,” says Williams.

Officials with the local NAACP chapter brought the video to the attention of police, who were already aware of it. The police chief says he’s reached out to Venice Ervin of the NAACP regarding the outcome of the internal investigation and is waiting to hear back from him. Utica Police say they met with the FBI about the case this morning and were asked to keep them updated on the investigation and official outcome.

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