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Very tragic new came out of Detroit recently. The Detroit News reported:

Shelley Hilliard, 19, a transgender woman, was about to be arrested for possession of marijuana Oct. 20 when police offered a way out, according to testimony during a court hearing Thursday. She could set up a drug deal.

With the police listening on speaker phone, Hilliard used her cellphone to call Qasim Raqib, telling him she had someone (an undercover agent) who wanted to buy $335 worth of cocaine and marijuana, according to testimony during Raqib’s preliminary examination Thursday in 36th District Court.

When Raqib arrived at the Motel 6 in Madison Heights 20 minutes later, police arrested him.

As you can imagine, the story does not simply end there. Things took a very ugly turn:

Raqib, 30, of Detroit, was released several hours later. Three days later, the mutilated body of Hilliard was discovered ablaze in the street on Detroit’s east side.

Raqib was charged with the murder. His preliminary exam resumes Jan. 13.

I work with a lot of youth and I can tell you that the “stop snitching” psychology of the streets is still very prevalent. A section of San Francisco has an area where many of those who speaks to the police about crime gets caught up with. Why do you think this is happening and what can be done to stop it? A lot of times when a crime happens in plain sight, no one will talk. The situation may be very innocent, or very sinister- but no one speaks. Police  always say they need people to step forward, yet seem unable to protect those who give information. Why is this happening?

Read the entire story in Detroit News.


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