Very tragic new came out of Detroit recently. The Detroit News reported: Shelley Hilliard, 19, a transgender woman, was about to be arrested for possession of marijuana Oct. 20 when police offered a way out, according to testimony during a court hearing Thursday. She could set up a drug deal. With the police listening on […]

  CENTENNIAL, COLORADO – A 20-year-old man is accused of killing Terence George, found dead in his apartment in November 2010 and Georgia’s girlfriend, Tiffany Durst, missing until found dead in April 2011. Terrence McNeal, 20, reportedly, dated Durst who testified against him in a criminal case. McNeal along with Janelle Harris, 20, and Tiera […]

“Granddad, Stop Snitchin’!” said little Riley Freeman as Granddad protested the arrest of his marijuana grower. For Riley, not snitchin’ and reppin’ the streets is what separates the real n*ggas from the fake n*ggas. Riley’s dilemma, to snitch or not to snitch, finally came to a head in the Boondocks episode “Thank You for Not […]

From The Baltimore Sun The Maryland U.S. Attorney’s Office announced today the sentencings of two gang members, including the infamous Ronnie Thomas, known as Skinny Suge, the producer of the Stop Snitching videos (link goes to YouTube, video contains offensive language). In the video, Thomas said, “I can say what I want. F— the police. […]