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Karin Stanford (pictured), the Mother of Jesse Jackson‘s 12-year-old love child, is going public with her allegations that the good reverend has fallen behind on his child support payments to the tune of $11,694.50, according to the National Enquirer.

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Court documents filed with the L.A. Superior Court state that the minimum monthly financial obligation was set at $400, but Jackson, 70, failed to fork over even a dollar to Stanford between December 2010 and August 2011.

Stanford first met Jackson, when she was completing her doctoral dissertation on his foreign policy record.  Jackson, who was married with five children, and Stanford crossed paths again in the mid-1990s, when she was a professor at the University of Georgia turning her dissertation into a book. After an all-day meeting, Jackson offered her a position on his staff at the Washington, D.C., Rainbow/PUSH Coalition bureau.

In 1998, Stanford surprisingly became pregnant. Initially, she thought she was incapable of becoming pregnant because she had undergone chemotherapy for breast cancer.  Stanford admitted that the civil rights leader never made any promises to her during their four-year affair but also claimed that she understood Jackson’s marriage was one of political convenience.

The pair’s relationship became strained when the jig was up and the pregnancy news hit the fan. Stanford refused to sign a confidentiality agreement, putting the pair at odds.  Since the couple parted ways, Stanford has gone to the media to make pleas on behalf of their child, Ashley.  On numerous occasions, she has publicly asked Jackson, who would reportedly go without seeing the child for long periods of time, to see his child.

Now the child support papers have been filed and Jackson might be playing hardball with his baby’s mama regarding those monthly payments.  A source tells the Enquirer:

Karin has tried so many times to work with Jesse on their financial agreement.  But he was only paying when he felt like it, so she’s taking him to court.


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