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On Wednesday morning, the Fulton County medical examiner confirmed that the body found on Monday in South East Atlanta is indeed Stacey Nicole English, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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The medical examiner was able to identify English through the dental records her family provided. English, a bank teller, had been missing since late December, but a day after her disappearance, investigators found her car, a Volvo S260, in a library parking lot still running.

On Monday, authorities found English’s body “wedged under a tree in the woods off St. Johns Avenue near Lakewood Fairgrounds.” It was reportedly badly decomposed.

Even though Robert Kirk is identified as the last person to have seen her, Kirk has provided little information in the case. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

Kirk told detectives the woman began “acting peculiar” the night of Dec. 26, asking him if he was Satan. She told him to leave her apartment and Kirk told police he did, checking into a hotel, according to the incident report.

Investigators reportedly have no other information about the details of Stacey English’s death.


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