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A Seattle babysitter Mabinty Williams (pictured) allegedly poured an oxygen-based granulated detergent down a month-old baby’s throat, after thinking the child was an evil presence.

On January 10, the 33-year-old Williams arrived to babysit the baby girl at 8:00 a.m.  In just four hours, Williams reportedly called her husband, Christopher Peters, 16 times to ask him various questions, ranging from diaper changing to removing a car seat from a vehicle, about how to care for the child.

Peters reportedly began to notice that with every phone call, his wife began to sound more and more agitated with her child care duties.  The uneasiness and erratic tone of William’s voice tipped her husband off that he should pay her an on-the-job visit.  When he arrived, Williams insisted on giving him the child.

Afterward, Williams frantically ran to a neighbor’s apartment and tried to convince them that the infant was evil.  Williams explained that she had witnessed the infant’s eye color change to blue.  The neighbors, upon hearing Williams, were so concerned that they summoned the police. A neighbor told authorities:

[She] knocked on her door and said there was a baby in her apartment and she didn’t know how it got there.” The neighbor also said Williams called 4-week-old baby ‘evil.’

By the time police arrived, they discovered that a granular detergent with blue flecks was covering the infant’s face.  The child’s eyes were blood red and bulging and there were burn marks and blood pooling around her mouth.  Police found the detergent’s open container and the blue flecked substance matched what was found on the child’s face.

When questioned by police, Williams said that she saw a man standing by the infant’s crib.  When authorities asked her about the detergent, she defensively denied any wrongdoing.

Williams was arrested and charged with the assault of a child in the second degree and is being held in jail on a $100,000 bond.


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