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If you ask former NFL playing legend Terrell Owens, aka T.O., how he is doing these days, his response would be, “I’m in hell!”  In a profile story in GQ’s February issue, Owens admits that he is almost penniless, has no friends, and is in the throes of child support battles.

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Owens, who insists that he has a few good years left to give to his beloved game, recovered from a knee injury that required surgery last year.  After pushing the limits with therapy sessions for his knee and maintaining a grueling workout schedule to keep his body taut, not one NFL team signed the 38-year-old former wide receiver.

T.O.’s reputation of being an obnoxious, egomaniacal turncoat during his San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Dallas playing days, caught up with him. The last time T.O. played for an NFL team, he was a Cincinnati Bengals back in 2010.

Now plagued with money problems from real estate and investments gone south, the former “human nitroglycerin,” who made at least $80 million in his 15-year career, is having a rough time making a dollar out of the 15 cents he has left.  Owens claims that his money troubles are not due to his overspending on bling or exotic vehicles, though; instead, his investments in a few homes and condos turned into dead weight with the real estate collapse.

And that wasn’t the end of it.

When Owens began to see rock bottom last summer, all four of his baby mommas came after him with a vengeance. Three of the women sued him, and he received a bench warrant for his arrest for failure to appear at a child support court hearing with the Mother of his oldest child. All of the women, whom Owens claims he never even dated — one was reportedly a one-night stand — were reportedly on his case pushing him to land “any job” so that their support could continue.

And his social experiences haven’t been much better either.

Owens fell out with reality show co-stars and closest friends Monique Jackson and Kita Williams, after his reality show finished shooting. Owens claims to have discovered that both women were in secret talks to get their own reality show without clueing him in on the wheeling and dealing:

They said they were planning to make me an executive producer, but if we were business partners, don’t you think I would have known about it, he told GQ.

Still, there is some light at the end of Owens’ dark tunnel.

T.O. has landed a gig as a player and part owner of the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League, which is based in Allen, Texas.  While it isn’t the fame and fortune that he is used to, it’s still a paycheck, so things may in fact be looking up for Owens after all.


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