Race Matters

Stephen A. Smith threatened to expose Terrell Owens' behavior "behind the scenes" toward "BROTHERS" amid a lingering dispute over who is “Blacker."

Caitlin Davis, the "Karen" who got into a confrontation with Terrell Owens, was cleared of a charge of lying to police about the confrontation recorded on a viral video.

Race Matters

Caitlin Davis, the woman who told Terrell Owens, “You’re a Black man approaching a white woman,” has been charged with a crime.

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Terrell Owens recorded an incident with a racist "Karen" who told him, "You're a Black man approaching a white woman."


Trump is expected to be officially nominated in July at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Things got heated between Terrell Owens and a fan who reportedly called him the N-word during an altercation in a Starbucks on Tuesday.

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Terrell Owens (pictured), who just can’t seem to hold on to money, now seems that he also can’t hold on to his wife! According to TMZ, Owens’ bride, Rachel Snider (pictured), who he tied the knot with a mere two weeks ago in a secret ceremony, now wants out of the marriage and is planning […]

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Former NFL player Terrell Owens (pictured) has reportedly paid off a lingering tax debt to the tune of $430,000 according to TMZ. Owens has seemingly been plagued with money problems since he was canned by the Philadelphia Eagles back in 2006. At the time, Owens had a seven-year, $49 million deal with the team. The […]


We all know by now that Terrell Owens, a future Hall of Fame wide receiver, has been struggling with money issues for quite some time now–namely those dealing with his multiple baby mamas. SEE ALSO: How To Shop Your Closet [VIDEO] But TMZ reports that the NFL great’s pockets are really on struggle mode because […]