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It’s been 20 years since legendary jazz artist Miles Davis passed away.  Now the music icon is being honored with his very own U.S. postal stamp.

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No one played the trumpet like Davis, the kingpin of cool, who was in a league all his own.  Davis took the jazz aesthetic to dizzying heights that many have endlessly tried to imitate.  Now the trumpeter, musician, bandleader and composer who stood at the forefront of all that is jazz, from bebop to hard bop to jazz fusion, will be immortalized as part of the Forever Stamp collection.

The issuance is actually a joint venture that also honors Edith Piaf, who is a French blues singer who passed away in 1963. Piaf is best known for her song “La Vie en Rose” (“Life in Pink”), which still can be heard throughout Paris.  The Piaf stamp is being issued by the French Postal Service, Le Postal.

Both stamps have been designed in a black-and-white photo motif. Piaf’s stamp was made by Studio Harcourt Paris, and the Davis picture is from a 1970 still by David Gahr.

Customers may view the Miles Davis and Edith Piaf Forever stamps on Facebook, Twitter, or on the website Beyond the Perf, which is the Postal Service’s online site for background on upcoming stamp subjects, first-day-of-issue events, and other philatelic news.

Both stamps will become available for purchase in June of this year.


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