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Comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have revealed a dark secret about themselves for their new Comedy Central TV show, they’re biracial. The two claimed their new show, “Key And Peele” gave them an excuse to “come out” about the fact that both of them are mixed.

Both comedians were featured on MAD TV, where they were the “go to” Black guys in a mainly white sketch show. I’ll admit I was not a fan of MAD TV and was not even aware of them until their new show.

The show is hilarious and follows in the steps of “The Dave Chappelle Show,” Eddie Murphy’s work on “Saturday Night Live” and “In Living Color” to create a show that provides a satirical take on race, pop culture and politics. The show is also smart and quirky and artistically shot which draws comparisons to the IFC hipster parodying comedy show “Portlandia”

In their first show, they parody misogyny, Black masculinity, Barack Obama, Lil Wayne and Thomas Jefferson. They also use some self deprecating humor about their biracial heritage.

While many people may not be familiar with Key and Peele, their show is long overdue. Both comedians have a long history of improvisational comedy and writing.

Keegan-Michael Key was part of the world famous Chicago Second City improv troupe and has made several guest appearances on the hilarious “Reno 911” show which utilized improv.

Jordan Peele also has an extensive background in comedy, Like Keegan, he appeared on the hilarious improv based comedy “Reno 911.” Peele has shown his comedic versatility by appearing on the Cartoon Network’s twisted Adult Swim show, “Children’s Hospital” as well as the wholesome “America’s Funniest Animals” on Animal Planet.

Peele claims that their show is “edgier, smarter and on a whole different level than MAD TV.” By taking full creative control of the show the duo show a perspective on race and culture that has not been seen in sketch shows on TV.

While the duo is biracial, the show is still a Black show that carries the torch from “In Living Color” and the “Chappelle Show.” Like the “Chappelle Show” the skits are like mini movies, well shot intelligently written and thought provoking as well as funny.

Peele, who was asked to join Saturday night live due to his spot on Obama impression, has the best Obama impression on TV.

The biracial perspective adds to their hilarious incite on race and culture. Previously biracial comedians like Maya Rudolph have been forced to play characters that either Black or white.Rashido Jones who has acted in the hilarious comedies, “The Office” and “Parks And Recreation” never has her race mentioned on either show, let alone her biracial heritage.

In a time where the biracial population is growing at record rates, Key And Peele are able to use their heritage to place new viewpoints and ideologies in humor to create a great new satirical take on race, politics, Black culture and masculinity. “Key And Peele” premieres Tuesday, January 31st at 10:30pm.

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