Tia Mowry opened up about growing up in the spotlight, her role as a mother and why she, as a biracial woman, identifies herself as Black.

Old tweets show Republican New York Congressman-elect George Santos, who's been exposed as a serial liar, once claimed to be a "biracial" man who is "Caucasian and black."

Race Matters

Charlottesville mother Melissa Riley is among other plaintiffs suing the Albemarle County School Board because she blames an anti-racism curriculum for making her biracial son identify as "just a Black man." She said it has caused "racial issues" in her home.

President Barack Obama, Halle Berry, Drake and more.

Diggs posted his reaction to the furor on Instagram, saying his son will embrace his roots the way he chooses.


The actor revealed he doesn’t want people to view his 6-year-old son as just Black; he’d rather have his kid embrace being mixed. Diggs has a son named Walker with ex-wife, singer Idina Menzel.

Woodlands Elite Cheer removed 11-year-old Makayla Fallaw from their roster for refusing to straighten her hair. Jenny Fallaw said her daughter joined the team in April and was never told until recently to straighten her hair for competitions.

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Breitbart.com's Milo Yiannopoulos alleged in a article that Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King is being deceptive about his ethnicity.

Because it is a social construct, race can often be a complicated matter. However, racism – notably, as it works in America – is a much easier issue to comprehend. If you don’t appear White, you are classified as “other,” making you susceptible to every form of prejudice associated with otherness. If you do not […]

Comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have revealed a dark secret about themselves for their new Comedy Central TV show, they’re biracial. The two claimed their new show, “Key And Peele” gave them an excuse to “come out” about the fact that both of them are mixed. Both comedians were featured on MAD TV, where […]

BRAZIL – In Brazil millions of residents are swooning over President Barack Obama, partially because his racial background and story makes him easy to relate to. RELATED: Kendra Wilkinson’s great debut on Dancing with the Stars The Washington Post reports: “In Brazil, we have all kinds of culture, people, and our inner identity comes from […]

A recent study shows that mixed women are seen as the epitome of beauty and that many women want to have the characteristics of biracial women. RELATED: Top 10 Black Movies That Should Have Won Oscars Hello Beautiful reports: A recent study done by Allure Magazine states that Americans have changed their opinions of what […]