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NYPD officer, Michael Daragjati, 32, “pleaded guilty in Brooklyn federal court to misusing his authority as a police officer to intentionally violate a [Black] man’s civil rights,” reports the New York Post.

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On January 24, Daragjati admitted that he fabricated charges when he arrested the man in April of 2011.  While working in plains-clothes in Staten Island, he engaged in a heated exchange with him, which culminated in Daragjati charging the innocent man with resisting arrest.

As previously reported on, following the incident, FBI agents intercepted a telephone call between Daragjati and a friend during which the 8-year veteran repeatedly called his target the “n-word” when referring to the illegal encounter:

I fried another n—–. Another n—– fried, no big deal.

Several additional intercepted calls exposed Daragjati using the n-word to refer to African-Americans, saying that he would get fired if he were caught “throw[ing] somebody a beating,” and admitting that he had been “skating it for a long time.”

While his white-cloak vocabulary was on full display in the recorded conversations, Daragjati’s language was significantly humbled when he faced Judge William Kuntz II:

I charged an individual…knowing that no probable cause existed to support the charge.

Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch, had some extremely strong words for Daragjati and law officers of his ilk:

The power to arrest…must be used fairly, responsibly and without bias. Motivated by racial aniumus, the defendant allegedly abused this power and responsibility.

Not surprisingly, this is not the first time that Daragjati has been accused of misusing his position of trust to violate people of color.

Former college baseball player, Jared Williams, accused Dajagjati of ruining his chances of an MLB career after falsely arresting him in  a 2005:

I feel he [Daragjati] racially profiled me. There was a fight, he said and I feel we were the first Black people he saw and we got pulled over.

A star center fielder at Wagner College in Staten Island, Williams — who was allegedly being courted by the Kansas City Royals, Colorado Rockies and Baltimore Orioles — was kicked off of the team his senior year because of his arrest and disqualified from entering the MLB draft.

The criminal case against Williams was tossed out by a judge and he later received $12,500 from New York City to settle a federal lawsuit, reports the NY Daily News.

Williams eventually played in the South Coast League for the Florida Redfish, but his career never exploded.  According to the Daily News, he now teaches special education students at a Washington elementary school and has forgiven Daragjati, though he will never forget:

I’m a Christian, so I’m forgiving, but I believe he [Daragjati] should be punished for his actions. It breaks my heart that someone who took an oath to protect and serve is doing this.

Daragjati — who has been called “a blatant racist” by Assistant Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Paul Tuchman — has been held in a detention center since his arrest. As a part of a plea deal with prosecutors, he will resign from the NYPD and never work in law enforcement again. Daragjati has been suspended without pay since his arrest and now faces a maximum sentence of 21 years in jail.

With the plea deal, he will more than likely spend no more than 46-57 months of that time.


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