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On Tuesday, Kit Samuel (pictured) will face charges for allegedly leaving her grandson near a Sacramento freeway ramp last Friday. Talking with Fox40 from the jailhouse, Samuel denied any wrongdoing and claims she was returning for the infant, according to the L.A. Times.

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Samuel has been charged with child endangerment and public intoxication, after reportedly leaving her 1-month-old grandson near Interstate 80. According to Samuel, after being evicted from Motel 6, she was just trying to retrieve the rest of her belongings and was planning on returning.

“I dropped him off and just walked back across the street to get my stuff right there on the platform. I didn’t leave him to go back to the room or nothing…. I will plead not guilty,” Samuel said. “I did not endanger my grandson. I love my grandkids.”

Deputy Jason Ramos is unconvinced:

“This [area] has been [known] for some time for prositution and narcotics.”

To add the cherry on top, the baby was found laying on top of an open bottle of brandy. Yes, you read right.

Still,  Samuel calls the entire incident “a big misunderstanding.”

Watch the Grandma defend her actions here.


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