Daniel Hegwood (pictured) walked into a Sacramento downtown bank on Saturday and announced that his fast food bag contained a bomb that only turned out to be two McDonald’s apple pies.

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When Hegwood approached the Wells Fargo bank teller, he threatened her with an explosive and demanded cash, according to police.  The teller obliged the 33-year-old man and proceeded to give him the money, which he quickly stuffed in to his red backpack.

Upon receiving the cash, Hegwood left the suspicious bag at the teller’s window and warned that there was a bomb inside.  He then ran out of the bank and fled on foot.

Not long after the robbery, police spotted Hegwood about a block away from the bank that he robbed.  Apparently, the bank’s security guards trailed the suspect and gave police updates as they were doing so.   Hedgewood was discovered hiding in a hospital parking garage, wearing the protruding red backpack.  Officers were actually able to see the stolen money spilling out of his bag.

Sacramento police told the New York Daily News that Hegwood, who resisted arrest, threatened police by saying that he had yet another bomb in his backpack.

Police brought in technicians who are expert in detecting bombs, and they determined that Hegwood had lied about having explosives in the fast food bag and in his backpack.

Laura Peck of the Sacramento Police department told the Daily News:

Certainly in this day and age you have to take every threat seriously, but with hindsight, knowing the bag contained apple pies, it gives us insight into the lack of sophistication in his methods. Clearly he’s not that good at bank robbery,  Peck said.

Among other charges, Hegwood was arrested for robbery.  He is being held without bail for violating parole from charges that stem from another crime.

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