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Marriage ain’t what it used to be. In fact, the traditional sense of holy matrimony is just straight up dead says’s relationship expert Sil Lai Abrams.


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Sil Lai makes it clear she is not against marriage; she simply doesn’t believe in the pop culture norms regularly depicted on TV that recklessly “drive far too many of us down the isle.”

It’s true that less and less of us are seeing Clair and Cliff Huxtable’s marriage as a desired or even possible way of life.  Couples are shacking up. Engaging in open marriages. Registering as domestic partners. Choosing not to have children or having them outside of wedlock.  Married, but living in different cities. This openness allows us to take a more individualistic approach to love, affording greater forms of personal expression within our relationships.  As varied as our lifestyles are today, it is unreasonable to expect everyone to fit into the traditional marriage construct.

Though Sil Lai outlines the reasons why traditional marriage is being pushed into irrelevance by pop culture  foolishness, she does give her take on how the original sense of matrimony can be reclaimed:

If we are to combat the rise in divorces, there has to be a shift in what it means to be married.  The reality is this: unless a marriage is based upon a spiritual connection it’s just a legally enforced domestic partnership in which you share space, bills and bodily fluids.

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