Black women are more likely to have a Black spouse, according to a new study.


Black women are ensnared by interlocking social structures that render them single for far longer than they intend, with fewer intraracial dating options, theologian and author Ekemini Uwan writes.

A Starkville, Mississippi man, known for his open display of love for his late wife, has turned converted their home into a virtual museum of love.


In the most heart warming news, a suburban New York twosome will celebrate the husband’s 108th birthday today. His wife will make 105 in May. The two have been married for 82 years. Duranord Veillard was born Feb. 28, 1907, and grew up in Les Cayes in southern Haiti, according to USA Today. He has been married […]

Nigeria’s Kano state has thousands of single women who are either divorced or widowed and they are looking for mates.  Many single women with families in the state are typically unable to make ends meet when they are left on their own.  Women of marriageable age who remain single are oftentimes seen as suspect — with their […]

Before a group of about 25 friends and family members, a Maryland couple exchanged vows Tuesday at an IKEA store in College Park, according to recent news report. SEE ALSO: Bloggers Take On Kony Amid the aisles of modern furniture and the aroma of Swedish meatballs, Julie Rodgers and Willie “Bear” Pittman tied the knot […]

Marriage ain’t what it used to be. In fact, the traditional sense of holy matrimony is just straight up dead says’s relationship expert Sil Lai Abrams. SEE ALSO: Are The Grammy’s Prejudiced Against Hip-Hop? Maya Angelou Talks About Common Sil Lai makes it clear she is not against marriage; she simply doesn’t believe in […]

Lower marriage rates among Back people has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with educational and income disparities between races, new research indicates.

A controversial new book titled “Is Marriage For White People?” suggests that interracial marriage may be a solution for middle-class African-American women who can’t find a “suitable” Black husband. Ralph Richard Banks, a professor at Stanford University who is African-American, addresses the issue of declining marriage rates among African-Americans, and questions why Black women are […]

NEW YORK — Stanford Law professor Ralph Richard Bank has a new book out about Black women and marriage. The book, “Is Marriage For White People?,” comes to the conclusion that in order to have successful relationships, Black women must be open to inter-racial dating. The Root reports: When titles for this book were being […]

This Sunday is the ninth annual Black Marriage Day, and activists in hundreds of communities around the country will gather to “strengthen and promote marriage in the black community,” which has been in sharp decline. ALSO READ: Kim Kardashian Goes Wild Alarming data from the Pew Research Center shows that 72 percent of black women […]’s blogger “YeahSheSaidIt” is known for “keeping it real” with her audience in her Lifestyle and Advice column. In reaction to many men who fear marriage, the eccentric writer has created a list of benefits men receive after jumping the broom.