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According to the Fulton County Medical Examiner, Stacey English, who went missing in late December in Buckhead, Ga., died from hypothermia, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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The medical examiner released the following statement on Tuesday afternoon:

“The most likely cause of Stacey English’s death is cold exposure (hypothermia) complicating underlying neurological and psychiatric disorders,” according to a statement released by the medical examiner. “Because cold exposure is an external, environmental condition, the manner of death has been classified as accident.”

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On January 23, men found the remains of a body wedged under a tree while they were looking for scrap metal in a wooded area. The remains were said to be in the advanced stages of decomposition. Through dental records, the medical examiner was able to confirm that the remains were of English, who was a 36-year-old SunTrust instructional designer.

Now that her death has been labeled an “accident” one has to wonder how the classification will affect her case. Does it mean that investigators will close her case? It seems odd that just because someone dies from the cold, authorities would just label it an “accident.” NewsOne will keep you updated as to the developments of this case.


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