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Even though separation rumors continue to swirl around Hollywood’s “it” couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Valentine’s Day brought out public expressions of love in Jada.

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The 40-year-old actress posted on her Facebook page the words to a ballad entitled “Burn” for her hubby and accompanied it with a posting that alludes to the major losses that the community has experienced over the past few weeks (Don Cornelius and Whitney Houston).

We should remember…

Our lives are worth living fully.


Our risks are worthy.

Our mistakes are worthy.

Our traumas are worthy as well.

The very paths we are told not to

Tread are the paths that hold the

Keys to our deepest understanding of

Love for our lives and ourselves.

Self love is the gateway to truly loving


We were born to be loved and to love…



I love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

This is for you.


Jada and Will, who have been married 13 years and have two children between them, have been battling whispers of a pending divorce since last summer.  The rumor mill came to a head when In Touch Weekly claimed that the two had actually split.  In a widely released public relations statement that was released after the magazine’s allegations, Will denied the rumors about their alleged ill-fated marriage stating:

“Rumors circulating about our relationship are completely false,” it read. “We are still together, and our marriage is intact.”

The fires that got started about their impending divorce just kept spreading and despite countless efforts to speak to the media about how their marriage is totally intact, another damaging report leaked out last month.  In Touch again alleged that Jada had met with divorce attorney to the stars Laura Wasser, who has represented the likes of Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, and Maria Shriver.

The magazine even quoted a source that said the Smiths have “finally begun to take steps to dissolve their marriage,” with Jada reportedly turning down a role in Keanu Reeves directorial debut to spend time with her kids during this “difficult time.”

No matter how hard the pair have tried to squelch the marriage doom rumors, the reports just keep coming full speed.  As folks read the verses to the love song “Burn,” which Jada dedicated to Will on the year’s most romantic day, maybe now the media will get it and allow this Black couple to continue to stand strong.