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It seems like Vanessa Long may not divorce Eddie Long after all. Or, at least, Mrs. Long is reconsidering her decision, according to Elev8.


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Elev8 has more:

The divorce case between Georgia mega-church pastor Eddie Long and wife Vanessa Long has been closed and dismissed, according to the DeKalb County Online Judicial System. However, there remains a possibility the case could continue in the future.

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According to the online judicial system record, there are three new entries as of Feb. 13 related to the Longs’ divorce case with the descriptions “dismissal,” “certificate of service” and “dismissed without prejudice” noted.

“Dismissed without prejudice” means the case may be re-instituted or re-filed in the future. According to the Judicial Branch of Georgia website, “A dismissal without prejudice does not stop the plaintiff from re-filing the claim and proceeding as long as the claim is made timely (within the statute of limitations) and service can be secured.”

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