Bishop Eddie Long has passed away and he will soon be funeralized. However, Black church communities cannot bury his troubled past with him. The church—New Birth et al.—must reckon with the Goliath of child sexual abuse and rescue the true Davids, our children, from the perverse and death-dealing realities of molestation, incest and rape.

Embattled megachurch pastor Bishop Eddie Long has returned to the pulpit of Georgia’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church after being away for weeks, but the senior pastor has lost a significant amount of weight, prompting more dire prognoses about the state of his health.

Thirteen members of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church managed to recoup some of their monetary investments in a civil suit against controversial Bishop Eddie Long (pictured left) and alleged Ponzi scheme financial guru Ephren Taylor (pictured). The victim’s settlement was kept under wraps and neither Long nor Taylor have admitted to any wrongdoing, according to […]

Whether it be sexual indiscretion, fraud, or physical abuse, here, NewsOne looks at five “men of God” whose questionable actions made for a steep fall from grace. SEE ALSO: Will Gay Marriage Cost Obama Black Voters?   1) Creflo Augustus Dollar Jr.:  As the leader of his mega-church, the World  Changers Church International in College […]


Centino Kemp, 22, one of the five men who alleged that he had a sexual relationship with Bishop Eddie Long, has taken to Twitter to show his anger that the self-proclaimed Man of God is having a Spirit & Truth Conference in his Bahamian hometown, reports the Urban Daily. RELATED: Eddie Long’s Accuser: I Couldn’t Wash […]

It seems like Vanessa Long may not divorce Eddie Long after all. Or, at least, Mrs. Long is reconsidering her decision, according to Elev8. SEE ALSO: Barack Obama, America’s CEO FAMU Forms Anti-Hazing Panel Elev8 has more: The divorce case between Georgia mega-church pastor Eddie Long and wife Vanessa Long has been closed and dismissed, […]

LITHONIA, Ga. — Megachurch leader Bishop Eddie Long has announced he’s taking time off to focus on his family after his wife filed for divorce. SEE ALSO: Cain: ‘I’m Not Going To Be Silenced’ Long’s spokesman, Art Franklin, said that the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church leader told his congregation Sunday that he will continue […]

Wife of Bishop Eddie Long, the famed DeKalb County mega-church preacher accused of sexual involvement with young men, Vanessa Long has backtracked on an announcement to divorce her husband. Read her backtrack statement that was sent out to the media here: Vanessa Long Withdraws Divorce Petition [FULL STATEMENT] EDDIE LONG’S WIFE FILES FOR DIVORCE [ORIGINAL […]

Vanessa Long, wife of megachurch pastor Bishop Eddie Long, has filed for divorce, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. SEE ALSO: Jay-Z In The Ivory Tower? Since last fall when allegations broke that Mr. Long engaged in sexual relationships with four young men, Mrs. Long has remained largely out of the public eye. Now, it appears, the […]