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When the late legendary vocalist Whitney Houston spotted “X Factor” finalist Stacy Francis (pictured left) chatting with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Ray J, 31, at Kelly Price‘s pre-Grammys party in Hollywood, she reportedly saw red.  Houston, who was reportedly tipsy from drinking tequila throughout the night, went over to the pair to separate them, and after a couple of shoves allegedly took place between Houston and Francis, pregnant R&B singer Keke Wyatt (pictured below) reportedly also got pushed by Houston, reports the UK’s Daily Mirror.

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The young singer, who idolized the late-mega star, alleges that after the push, Houston yelled, “Little girl, get out of my face!”  

Francis, on the other hand, reluctantly stood toe-to-toe with the iconic 48-year-old diva. Francis claims that even though she tried to tell Houston that there was nothing going on between her and Ray J — they are old family friends who go back 20 years — Houston kept yelling at Francis, 42.

Francis told the UK’s Daily Mirror, “I was very hurt. I said to her, ‘The thing we don’t want is Stacy Francis from the “X Factor” fighting Whitney Houston. Please, honey, we don’t want that.  Ray and his friend Jo Jo were trying to grab her and so were the security guards because it had got out of hand and no one knew how it was going to go.”

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According to Francis, Whitney, who reportedly appeared extremely sweaty and visibly out of control, got in her face, yelling, “Why are you here? Who’s the bitch?” The scream-fest went south when Houston reportedly put her hand in Francis’ face and pushed her forehead. Francis then allegedly shoved Houston back, and Ray J and security guards tried to pull Houston away from Francis.  At some point during the altercation, Houston fell against the stage and scratched her leg.

Houston was eventually led outside the venue to a waiting car to go back to the Beverly Hilton, where she passed away hours later.

Ironically, Francis says, both she and Houston had enjoyed a pleasant conversation hours earlier.  Francis even reportedly showed Houston a picture of her 1-year-old baby, and the award-winning entertainer reportedly mentioned how much she loved her only child, Bobbi Kristina.  Houston’s mood quickly changed to black, though, when Francis began conversing with Ray J.  Although Francis says Houston’s temperament went from zero to sixty within seconds, she never saw any evidence of drugs.