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A five-minute sex tape featuring the late rapper Nate Dogg and an unidentified female is being shopped around by an unnamed individual to a number of porn outlets, reports TMZ.

The Nate Dogg video, which contains various sexual positions accompanied by a soundtrack from crooner Luther Vandross is just the latest of many tapes starring Hip-Hop performers that have leaked out over the last few years.

Last year a bidding war erupted over rapper extraordinaire Tupac Shakur‘s sex tape. One porn site was willing to cough up a reported $150,000 for the XXX tape which features the Hip-Hop megastar receiving an oral favor from a female admirer while rapping, drinking and smoking a joint at a house party. The company that owned the rights to the video actually held off until they received a higher offer.  The tape eventually sold last December for an undisclosed amount to a private collector but reportedly the music that accompanied the tape was an original unreleased cut worth at least $1,000,000.

Female rapper-turned-actress Eve was caught getting busy by her lonesome with a rather large sex toy.  The video was released online amidst an alleged blackmail scandal.  Although Eve has kept mum about the incident, it has been reported that the leak might have come from someone in her close circle.

Nate Dogg, whose actual name was Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, died in March of last year at age 41 after having suffered complications from several strokes.

Thus far there have been no offers for the Nate Dogg video.

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