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Even though Madonna‘s half-time performance for Superbowl XLVI received mixed results, Whitney Houston showed that she was a fan five days before her death, according to TMZ.

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At the Regent Beverly Wilshire’s bar, Houston is seen singing and dancing to Madonna’s “Vogue,” while she sits with close family and friends. According to TMZ, Houston “raved” about the performance and even reminisced about when they both dominated the charts afterward.

As for Madonna’s performance, the jury is still out as to whether she reminded the public why she used to be queen. On MTV, some commenters weren’t too happy about the show:

MotelGeorge said:

She looked ridiculous, stumble

d [sic] around and did not even attempt to sing until the end of the show. I loved her 28 years ago, but now she is a SNL parody of herself.
And Dirigoblanco added:

Madonna gave it a good try but

she looked nervous 90% of the performance and she relied on the talent of only about 10000 other people to make her look good. Sorry but thats kinda sad that she has so little faith in herself as a performer that she has to trolly out people to do cameo after cameo because she thinks herself alone wouldn’t be sufficient.
Watch the performance here:

At least it made Whitney happy.


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