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More than two years have past since Chris Brown attacked Rihanna in perhaps the most notorious domestic abuse scandal of the decade thus far.


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Though Brown and Rihanna are collaborating on songs now and are reportedly spending more time together, the court of public opinion doesn’t seem quite ready to forgive him just yet. And, from all indicators, forgiveness appears to the farthest thing from people’s minds when thinking of Brown. Is it that people are being too hard on him or are critics justified in their belief that he has not truly changed?

Take, for example, a report from the New York Daily News where several domestic violence experts said there are things that Rihanna must look out for if she wants to reunite with him:

Experts cautioned that Rihanna, 24, should look for warning signs — if Brown, 22, becomes controlling, jealous or aggressive toward her, verbally or physically.

Rita Smith, executive director of National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, said she didn’t believe Brown seemed that reformed, judging by his reaction to fan criticism and media scrutiny of his performance at the Grammys. Many people were unhappy about seeing a performer on the show who had a record of domestic violence.

After the show, Brown tweeted, “HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That’s the ultimate F— OFF!”

“The response was fairly belligerent and didn’t really indicate that he had changed much in the several years since the assault,” Smith said.

Both Smith and Loy said they’re crossing their fingers that things work out differently for the celebrity couple — or not-couple.

“I think it’s possible they can be friends, and however they’re involved again, whether it’s as intimate partners or as good friends or as professional associates, I hope that he will continue to treat her with respect,” Smith said.

Do you think the experts have a point or should they and the everyone else stay out of he and Rihanna’s business? Check out the rest of the Daily News article for more on this topic.


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