Joshua Smith, Tamiko AndersonOn Monday morning, Joshua Smith, 14 (pictured at an earlier age), allegedly shot his mother, Tamiko Robinson, 36 (pictured below), to death, because she would not allow him to hang out with an older crowd of boys, reports The Detroit News.

Reportedly, the teen wanted to join a gang, and Robinson, who was battling the autoimmune disease lupus and receiving kidney dialysis, refused to give her son to the streets.

After Smith, who stands about 6’2,” allegedly ran away from home in a fit of anger, Robinson reportedly found her son and brought him back home, an act of love that tragically ended her life.

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According to police, the enraged youth broke into his stepfather Chiko Lewis‘ room shortly after midnight and got his hands on a 12-gauge shotgun. The high school student then began shooting throughout the house. While Robinson’s fiancé Lewis and her 5-year-old daughter were able to escape the shots by breaking a window frame and jumping out, Robinson wasn’t so lucky.

Family: Detroit Teen Guns Down His Own Mother:

LaShawn Roberts, the victim’s brother, says that his sister, who was asleep on the couch, was shot at least a dozen times at close range.  He also says there was blood everywhere and that Lewis and the little girl slid on blood as they attempted to escape. Lewis told the Detroit News, “He brutally murdered her. It was overkill.”

Roberts went on to say that the boy refused to help his mom as she tried to cope with her debilitating illness, adding that the teen just wanted to aimlessly hang out with older boys and “smoke weed and pop pills.”Tamiko Anderson, Joshua Smith

Smith allegedly fled to his mother’s car and went to a relative’s house to avoid being apprehended by police.  Authorities caught up with the boy not long after and arrested him.

In the media, Black homes are usually criticized for lacking enough discipline and falling short of keeping our kids off of the streets. That’s why it is especially sad that Robinson lost her life doing right by her child as a Mother. And the unfortunate high school shooting in Cleveland, Ohio, which occurred on Monday, proves that many of America’s kids are out of control.  As a nation, we will need to focus all of our efforts on how we collectively regain control of our children. Our future — and our lives — depends on it.


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