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Retailer Target decided to yank a line of greeting cards that mentions the late Whitney Houston in a comment that is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek but is now viewed as distasteful, reports TMZ.

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The card line, which was available before the legendary songstress unexpectedly passed away earlier this month from a possible lethal cocktail of prescription drugs and alcohol, mocks Houston’s choices in men by pointing the finger at R&B singer Bobby Brown, whom Houston married back in 1992.

The union seemed to be turbulent from the start, with allegations of alcohol, drugs, and physical abuse. Houston and Brown’s train wreck of a marriage finally ended in 2007.

The card relays the following message:

“Next time you think of dating the bad boy, consider Whitney Houston.”

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The card, which was considered to be humorous by the retailer’s executives before Houston’s death, does not tickle anyone’s funnybone now.  The store is in the throes of pulling every single card off its shelves.  One of the retailer’s representatives told TMZ, “The card was in our stores prior to Ms. Houston’s death. As soon as this was brought to our attention, we began the process of removing the card from all applicable stores.”


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