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Former Chicago Bulls player Orlando Woolridge, 52, was arrested for stealing aluminum tubing at a drill site in DeSoto Parish in his home state of Louisiana reports, the Chicago Tribune.


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According to police, who reported the arrest Wednesday, the 6’9″ former NBA sensational dunker was cuffed on February 24 and then released after posting a $2,000 bail.  The stolen piping was valued at $1,500.

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Beginning in 1981, Woolridge played for the Bulls for five seasons. During 1984-85, Woolridge, who averaged 22.9 points a game, was paired with then-rookie Michael Jordan and was deemed unstoppable on the courts.  After he played for the Bulls, Woolridge moved on to the New Jersey Nets, and during the 1986-87 season, his high-scoring average dropped. The following season, the baller found himself suspended for being in violation of the league’s strict substance abuse policy.

In 1988, the towering forward admitted to a drug dependency on cocaine.  He had scheduled games at the time and missed two, which raised a red flag for NBA.  When a player disappears without notice, the league automatically investigates the situation.  Woolridge, who was 28 years old at the time, had inked a multi-year contract for $500,000 as a free agent with the Los Angeles Lakers and voluntarily admitted himself to a drug-treatment facility just a few months before to get help for his out-of-control drug habit.

After retiring from the NBA in 1994, Woolridge went on to coach female players in the WNBA, the Los Angeles Sparks from 1998-99.  He now coaches the Arizona Rhinos of the American Basketball Association whose motto it is to “bring integrity and tradition back to the court with on-and-off court policies that mirror Christian values.”

Hmmm…wonder how his team will take this latest fall from grace?


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