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President Barack Obama continues to feel the love in New York City, hitting four separate fundraisers and leaving the Big Apple with an estimated $5.134 million dollars, reports

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Interior decorator Michael Smith, holds the distinct honor of being a part of history. Obama’s last fundraising event of the evening took place at his home and marked the president’s 100th fundraiser since his re-election campaign began last April. Critics who spend their time keeping tabs on Obama’s vacations, parties, how many songs he sings, and yes, how many fundraisers he attends, were quick to point out that former President George Bush had only attended 49 fundraisers at the same point in his presidency, reports Politico.

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According to reports, Obama began his successful trip in Manhattan at the home of Sarah and Victor Kovner, located in a 13th floor penthouse on West 67th Street. In front of the swanky crowd, he touched on a myriad of topics, included the Arab Spring:

What’s happening in the Middle East and North Africa right now is as profound, as transformative as what happened when the Berlin Wall fell, and the jury is still out in terms of the direction that it will go,” he said. “And my administration’s commitment has been to say that we will continue to affirm our values, the things we believe in; that we will, where we can, defend people from brutality of their own governments.”

After raking in $5,000-a-head from about 100 attendees, President Obama stopped at ABC Kitchen, “an upscale, farm-to-table restaurant in the Flatiron District.” According to Politico, approximately 80 people paid $35,800-a-head. Keeping with his more aggressive, populist tone of late — reminiscent of Candidate Obama in 2008 — he took the Republicans to task for their often obstructionist, fear-mongering tactics:

All those things that we’ve done are ideas that, traditionally, received Democratic and Republican support,” he said. “It’s only in this environment that we’ve seen the other party suddenly say that that’s socialism, that that, somehow, is un-American… I reject that vision, and I think the American people do, too.”

The night took a turn towards the hip and trendy when the president strolled upstairs to ABC Carpet & Home for a livelier event, hosted by Deepak Chopra and Russell Simmons.  The Roots, Ben Folds and Ingrid Michaelson performed for the crowd of approximately 900 people who a paid a minimum of $1,000 to attend.

The mostly 20-30 year-old group did not shy away from questioning the president on foreign policy: “Use your leadership! No war in Iran!” one woman reportedly said.

Obama, utilizing the old Beltway two-step, dodged the issue by responding, “Nobody’s announced a war, young lady. You’re jumping the gun a little bit.”

The evening ended at Smith’s home with a dessert reception and the stars flocked to see their favorite president. John Legend, Mariska Hargitay, Harvey Weinstein, and Michael Kors were reportedly in the crowd of people who paid $10,000 a head to break crème brûlée with the president. Poking fun at his forays into impromptu vocal performances of late, he joked that he wouldn’t sing because Legend was in attendance.

The joke that received the most chuckles came when President Obama took a jab at the circus that has become the GOP primary:

“We’re thinking of just airing these as advertisements — without commentary. Here you go, this is what they said some time ago.”


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