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The numbers are in and the Oval Office dreams of failed GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, ended with a number that he’s extremely familiar with: 47 Percent. According to Associated Press calculations, Romney managed to convince only 47.2 percent of voters that he was the right man to steer the country through war, recession, fiscal […]


In today’s “Conservatives Are Losing Their Minds Because Obama Won News,” NewsOne brings you the story of Cope Reynolds. The Pinetop, Arizona gunshop owner has taken out an ad in a local newspaper and posted a sign on the door of Southwest Shooting Authority letting it be known that people who voted for President Barack […]


From the moment that Mitch McConnell said that his number one priority was to make President Barack Obama a one term president, up until Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney claimed that he only lost the election because of Obama’s “gifts” to Black, Hispanic and young voters, the GOP has veered so far to the right […]

The Obama Administration responded to the spoiled tantrum of failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney by simply saying that his “gifts” statement was “at odds with the truth,” reports As previously reported by NewsOne, Romney insisted to his puppeteers –also known as top donors — that the only reason President Barack Obama won re-election is […]


Since the historic re-election of President Barack Obama,  in which Obama received 332 electoral votes to Romney’s 206, the First Family has received an outpouring of love and support from supporters across the nation. But not everyone is happy the President will remain our commander-in-chief. SEE ALSO: Divided States Of America: 20 States Petition To […]

UPDATE: 11-14-12 The secession petitions just keep on rolling in. As of today, over 675,000 signatures have been acquired over petitions submitted for all 50 states. UPDATE: 11-13-12 Since the original writing of this article, citizens from *6 additional states have petitioned to secede from the United States, bringing the total to 26. The original […]


Rev. Al Sharpton, known for staying on the front lines and helping America confront its issues concerning race, recently was thanked by the Commander In Chief. President Barack Obama graciously thanked the reverend for his help in getting African-Americans energized to vote in the recent election, as well as keeping people informed on other racial […]


Smokey D. Fontaine is the Chief Content Officer of Interactive One. Follow him on Twitter @Smokey This felt like a racial moment, but, then again, it didn’t. The re-election of Barack Hussein Obama (love to The New York Times every time they print his whole name) at first triggered the same emotional cues as four […]


While here in the United States of America, citizens were anticipating the culmination of one of the most brutal election cycles in modern history, during which the veneer of  racism crumbled to reveal the ugliness beneath, thousands of miles away, an African woman was giving birth to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. No, really. Millicent […]


In a riveting and extremely moving moment, the newly re-elected 44 President of the United States, Barack Obama, thanks campaign staff and volunteers for their extraordinary commitment to him and to changing the country. He talks about his early days in Chicago as a community organizer, telling the rapt audience that “it’s not that you […]

As the louder members of the right wing media continue to stumble over the reality that Mitt Romney lost his quest for the presidency, concrete data explaining his loss continues to come out. While there are number of variables —  i.e. Blacks, single women, Latinos, and gays going out for Obama in droves — regarding […]

Bigotry and mass displays of white entitlement have long been calling cards of the state of Mississippi, and the ignorant exhibition of racism that caused over 400 White students to riot in protest of the re-election of President Barack Obama is just more of the same. The modern-day Klan rally began with 20-30 students on […]