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President Barack Obama took time out of his severely busy schedule to converse with talk show radio host Steve Harvey during a phone interview, reports Magic 107.5/97.5 out of Atlanta.


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In the nineteen minute discussion, President Obama talked about the improving economy, his combative relationship with the the Republican-lead House and efforts to create better networking opportunities for African-Americans seeking jobs.

When Harvey asked the president how he would help improve employment prospects for black-Americans, Obama said the first step is to facilitate an environment where opportunities are available to all Americans:

The first thing we have to do is strengthen hiring and job growth generally. When the economy is strong, the labor markets get tight. There are more jobs than there are workers then people get hired. People are given more opportunity. And that’s good for everybody. So my first job is to make sure we’re growing strong and more and more businesses want to hire more and more workers.

The interview gets into more details. If you want to hear them, please go to Magic 107.5/97.5 out of Atlanta.