Indiana Republicans really want to knock President Barack Obama straight out of the White House. SEE ALSO: ‘Dark Knight’ Shooting Suspect Identified! Though they have very “tasteful” ways of showing it. At the Indiana State Fair in Muncie, a punching bag depicting Obama in boxing gear and a Black eye was featured at the Republican […]

Donald Trump (pictured) is really making a mockery of himself and Mitt Romney‘s campaign by resurrecting this birth certificate nonsense again. SEE ALSO: Is Your Tuna Safe? Hollywood’s Failed Studs Made Blockbuster Flops On Tuesday, Trump appeared on CNBC, where he brought up what has long been a dead issue to most Americans: President Barack […]


Remember that iconic photo (left) of the cute, five-year-old boy who asked to touch President Barack Obama’s hair back in 2009? SEE ALSO: Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drowsy Arms, Abs & Legs: 5 Summer Tone-Up Tips Well, the name of the child is Jacob Philadelphia, the New York Times reports. He is the young son […]

Some prominent Black pastors have become staunchly critical of President Barack Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage, with some who formerly backed and celebrated his ascent now turning their backs. SEE ALSO:Lesbian Seeking Marriage License Arrested A Texas pastor who once led the Southern Baptist Convention in introducing a resolution that recognized Obama’s historic achievement has […]

In an attempt to connect with young college-aged voters during a campaign stop at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Tuesday, President Barack Obama told told them that he and Michelle Obama paid off their student loans just eight years ago, the Daily Mail reports. SEE ALSO: ‘Think Like A Man’ Pulls […]

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Monday issued a rare, direct challenge to the Supreme Court to uphold his historic health care overhaul, weighing in with a vigorous political appeal for judicial restraint. SEE ALSO: Amy Winehouse Estate; Singer’s $4.66 Million Fortune To Go To Family He warned that overturning the law would hurt millions […]

WASHINGTON  — President Barack Obama is calling on Congress to increase taxes on millionaires, reviving a proposal he first pitched last September that aims to draw sharp election-year lines between the president and the Republican opposition. ALSO: Trayvon Martin’s Brother: “I Can’t Believe He’s Gone” Witness: Zimmerman Never Tried To Help Trayvon Martin The plan, […]

WASHINGTON — Picking up the pace, President Barack Obama raised $45 million for his re-election bid in February, bringing his total to about $300 million for this election cycle, his campaign said Monday. SEE ALSO: Romney Way Up In Illinois, But… Obama stepped up fundraising efforts during the month, collecting nearly twice as much as […]

By Perry Bacon Jr. President Obama’s campaign will likely need the kind of strong black turnout he received in 2008 to win re-election, particularly if some of the white independent voters who backed him four years ago opt for the Republican candidate because of frustration over the president’s tenure. Southern Miss Apologizes For “Green Card” […]

‘LIKE’ NewsOne’s FB Page To Stay Up On Black News From Around The World Check out this clip of President Obama enjoying a Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day at The Dubliner, a Washington pub. SEE ALSO: Southern Miss Apologizes For “Green Card” Chant Strip Club Donation To Lennox Little League: $1,200 To Let The […]

‘LIKE’ NewsOne’s FB Page To Stay Up On Black News From Around The World The Road We’ve Traveled President Barack Obama just released his re-election documentary video, “The Road We’re Traveled.” Take a look at the piece and tell us what you think!

‘LIKE’ NewsOne’s FB Page To Stay Up On Black News From Around The World We live in an interesting world. In this world, black public figures have to almost apologize for being critical thinkers as it pertains to the Obama Administration. Every critique must begin with the words, “I voted for Obama myself, but….” Supporting […]