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Misogyny is wrong when rappers say misogynist terms and it is wrong when Rush Limbaugh uses misogynist terms to degrade women was well.

Now Limbaugh is attempting to say that there is a double standard in his treatment and the way rappers are treated for misogynist language and the way he was treated. He wrote on his website:

“You talk about a double standard, One of the greatest illustrations of it is that rappers can practically say anything they want about women, and it’s called art.”

What Limbaugh doesn’t mention is that rappers are held to a standard of misogyny. Rapper Too Short and XXL Magazine’s Vanessa Satten faced a similar campaign of petitions and boycotts and a call to have the editor fired which resulted in an apology from Too Short and Vanessa Satten.

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Misogyny is not right when it comes from hip-hop and it not right when it comes from right wing radio hosts. What is particularly disturbing about Limbaugh’s misogyny is that he is known as the voice of the Republican party. Limbaugh is the highest rated talk show host in the country and boasts of 20 million day times listeners, known as ditto-heads, who follow Limbaugh without question.

Ronald Reagan called Limbaugh, the “Number One voice for conservatism in our Country” and he received the “Defender Of The Constitution” award from CPAC, where he was the keynote speaker in 2009. Limbaugh has had George W. Bush as a guest six times and has had his hero Dick Cheney on the show.

So should Limbaugh be held to a higher standard than rappers, shock jocks and comedians who use misogynist terms? Misogyny is wrong in any context but when it being used with the full support of a major political party it is particularly disturbing.

Many in the African American community have been critical of misogyny in hip hop. Corporate sponsored hip hop should have to face the same criticism Limbaugh does but that in no way makes Limbaugh’s comments any less acceptable. Limbaugh’s childish “hip-hop does it too” defense shows the standards of misogyny he sets for himself.. Perhaps if Snoop Dogg was the “voice of the Democratic Party” he might face the same scrutiny as Limbaugh.

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