Barack Obama Harvard Racism VideoBy Joy-Ann Reid

Wait…that was it? The shocking videotape unearthed by the late, right-wing gadfly Andrew Breitbart, the one that was supposed to finally prove that Barack Obama is indeed the crazed race warrior that the right has tried to portray him to be since 2007, has turned out to be neither new, nor newsworthy.


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Breitbart was supposedly working on a major exposé on the tape, which shows Obama during his days at Harvard Law School in the early 90s. It leaked early — a suspicious cabal of liberal media elites at Buzzfeed having scooped Fox News’ Sean Hannity by using the clandestine tactics that the Left calls “licensing the video from Boston’s PBS TV station.”

What they found will shock and horrify you — if you are shocked and horrified by pithy compliments delivered before a mixed race crowd at the frightening Saul Alinsky radical training ground of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Barack Obama’s Harvard ‘Race’ Video

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