Will the Real Elitist Please Stand Up?


In a recent online interview Sen. John McCain said he was uncertain about how many homes he owns.

“I think – I’ll have my staff get to you,” McCain told in Las Cruces, New Mexico. “It’s condominiums where – I’ll have them get to you.”

This reveals two important things about the Republican presidential candidate, both of which I think it’s fair to say we already knew: 1) He’s rich and likes to show it. 2) He’s old.

According to his staff, it’s at least four and earlier estimates say at least seven. Either way, the upper limit of how many houses he might, supposedly own are about a dozen. If it were a number like 4,986,765,992, perhaps we might forgive the uncertainty. However, if we consider our second revelation, that McCain is as old as God, it allows some leverage on this point.

Set McCain’s obscene amount of property holdings to Obama’s alleged elitism. If Obama were asked the same question, he would likely respond, “I’ve got a place in Hyde Park and I grew up in a small house in Honolulu with my grandma.” That, too, with confidence.

Meanwhile, McCain claims to represent middle America as he stands in a supermarket in 520 dollar Ferragamo loafers. Nothing says foreign policy experience with such apt grandeur as Italian leather.

Add to this Cindy McCain’s extravagant haircuts and her supposed comment about relying on small planes to get around her home state of Arizona.

Not to beat up on poor Johnnyboy, but the Republican candidate has made it a central theme of his campaign to point out Obama’s elite private education and his uppity attitude towards middle America, a constituency that Obama represents much more accurately than McCain.

I’ll take elite over ostentatious. Sorry, McCain.

Watch Obama rip into McCain about ‘being rich’. . .

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