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Evangelicals in the United States have long found reciprocal support among many Africans who feel that homosexuality is a sinful abomination and Scott Lively is no different. The preacher, who is known for his work with the American Family Association, is now spreading his anti-gay message to Uganda, but this time, human rights organization, Sexual Minorities Uganda, is fighting back along with other religious leaders who say that Lively is not teaching the message of Jesus Christ.

The Grio reports:

Lively has a different appeal in other places,” said Pam Spees of the Center for Constitutional Rights. His main message, that homosexuals are a menace and danger to children, becomes the basis for everything. “And he will say that America is a loss cause.”

Then he goes much further than just speaking about it and stirring it up. According to Spees, Lively has met with like-minded legislators and religious leaders in these countries. In these meetings he expresses the importance of silencing the LGBT movement.

“You have to criminalize any form of advocacy,” Spees said Lively has argued. “You have to cut back on the rights of LGBT persons and criminalize their existence.”

Lively is not the only American based evangelical preacher spreading this message overseas. According to Sharon Groves, PhD, director of the Religion and Faith Program at the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, there are several others including: a known “right-wing leader” named Lou Engle, Georgia-based pastor Carl Ellis Jenkins, and Paul Cameron. In response, the HRC recently created a petition here in the United States to garner awareness of the globe-trotting actions of these evangelical preachers.

Are the silenced voices of LGBT Africans finally being heard?

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