Priscilla Shirer responds to her viral video,

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Watch Roland Martin, Pastor A.R. Bernard, Pastor Mark Burns, and Bishop Harry Jackson discuss Donald Trump's Evangelical advisory board and the debate over questioning the faith of Hillary Clinton in the video clip above.

In today’s NewsOne Top 5, we take a quick look at the stories trending on that you are talking about. Today’s list includes: Walmart Aims To End Sale Of Confederate Flag Merchandise, Virginia & Mississippi Follow South Carolina’s Lead Diddy Arrested For Allegedly Fighting UCLA Football Coach NewsOne Now: White Evangelicals Address Racism Within […]

Evangelicals in the United States have long found reciprocal support among many Africans who feel that homosexuality is a sinful abomination and Scott Lively is no different. The preacher, who is known for his work with the American Family Association, is now spreading his anti-gay message to Uganda, but this time, human rights organization, Sexual […]

Reverend Franklin Graham, son of renowned Christian evangelist Billy Graham, said Thursday that the reason a growing number of peoplebelieve President Obama to be a Muslim is because he was, in fact, born into that religion due to the “seed of Islam” that was passed to him through his father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.