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A witness has come forward to give some first-hand insight into the final moments of Trayvon Martin‘s life, reports.


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Mary Cutcher said she and her roommate saw George Zimmerman on top of Trayvon and made no attempts to administer CPR.

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Zimmerman’s lawyer, Craig Sonner, is claiming that his client acted in self-defense. Moreover, he says that Zimmerman suffered a broken nose and a serious cut to the back of his neck during his altercation with Trayvon.

But, Ben Crump, a Martin family lawyer says Zimmerman had no business approaching Trayvon to begin with.

“Its real simple, if George Zimmerman had done what a neighborhood watchman is supposed to do — watch — Trayvon Martin would be alive today,” he added.

“Trayvon Martin does not have to identify himself to a stranger,” he noted. “George Zimmerman never identified who he was to Trayvon.” “If he (Zimmerman) doesn’t get out of the car … if he doesn’t act as if he’s the police, none of this happens.”

Currently, Zimmerman’s whereabouts are unknown and he has yet to be arrested.

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