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A white supremacist is on a cyber campaign to smear the image of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old black teen shot dead by self-appointed neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman in February, Gawker reports.


There Are Trayvon Martins All Over The World

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Klanklannon, the name the hacker goes by, alleges that he has hacked into Martin’s Facebook and social networking accounts. Gawker reports that they have been able to confirm that at least one of Martin’s email accounts was indeed hacked.

Gawker has more:

The hacker, who goes by the name Klanklannon, posted what he said were Martin’s private Facebook messages to the politics section (NSFW) of the anarchic message board 4chan—called “/pol/”—Tuesday afternoon at around noon. The messages were posted on four slides, strategically arranged to back up the insane racist argument that Trayvon was a Scary Black Teenager and so somehow deserved to be killed by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman that night.

NewsOne is reporting this story because we feel it is important to be aware of the smear campaigns that are spouting up to distort Trayvon’s image. So please note the images we are showing and giving you access to are provided to arm you with what is going on, not to give exposure to a racist.

In the image below, Klanklannon provides a slide with what he alleges is a stream of FB conversations between Martin and his friends about dealing drugs. The way that the hacker arranged the slides is an effort to convince the viewer that, somehow, Trayvon was the kind of person who warranted the suspicion of Zimmerman.

First came the leak about Martin being suspended over possessing a bag in his backpack in which traces of weed were found. Then comes Zimmerman’s father claiming that Martin was in fact the aggressor.

The criminalization of Martin, the one who died, is becoming more and more racially charged by the day.

Check out the rest of the story at Gawker to see the distortions that this hacker is trying to pitch to the public. Once again, this story is designed to inform you about the smear campaign that is mounting against Trayvon Martin.

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