Mainstream media has long been challenged for its biased and non-factually based coverage.

His untimely death has had a lasting impact.

Like it or not, Black Lives Matter is one of if not the largest social movements America has ever seen. As it turns 10 years old, we now have an entire decade’s worth of legacy to ponder over. 

Steven Crowder suggested George Zimmerman should kill John Fetterman over his hoodie.

They are on video racially profiling a 16-year-old in the town where Trayvon Martin was killed.


Research over the past several years found that Stand Your Ground laws led to an increase in firearm homicides.

The 17-year-old was killed on February 26, 2012.

Trayvon's birthday is a moment to reflect on the love and community surrounding his family.

Race Matters

Former Ohio State defensive back Marcus Williamson posted a lengthy Twitter thread recalling his experiences as a "young Black college athlete." which included allegations that Trayvon Martin's photo was used to illustrate a "no hoodie" rule. Coach Urban Meyer first denied it, but later admitted the photo was used.


It's not just Megyn Kelly's comments about Naomi Osaka. The former FOX News host has been spitting out racism for years.

A student at HBCU Fort Valley State University accused one of her professors of trivializing the killing of Trayvon Martin by making an "insensitive" and "humorless" comment about a "hoodie" and "Skittles," according to a viral tweet.

He would have been 26-years-old today. Social media is celebrating his life.