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Jahvaris Fulton; Trayvon MartinSpeaking for the first time since his baby brother, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, was gunned down in cold-blood by neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman,28, Jahvaris Fulton spoke exclusively with CBS Miami, saying that he still can’t wrap his brain around the murder of his brother on the night of February 26:

I didn’t believe it. I kind of still don’t believe it, which is why it’s not easy for me to talk about him. I just think he’s coming back. I think he’s gone to visit someone and he’ll be back.”

Zimmerman’s father, retired magistrate judge for the Virginia Supreme Court, Robert Zimmerman, brother Robert Zimmerman, Jr. and his one “Black friend,” Joe Oliver, have been making the media rounds spreading Zimmerman’s account of the night that Trayvon was murdered like it’s gospel.

Jahvaris quickly rejects that characterization of Trayvon and especially took offense to Zimmerman’s father saying that Trayvon was on top of his son beating him while saying that he was going to “die tonight”:

That doesn’t sound like my brother at all. He wasn’t that way at all.”

As previously reported by Newsone, surveillance video obtained by ABC News shows Zimmerman remarkably steady on his feet for a man whose head was slammed repeatedly into the ground. There are also no signs of the broken nose that he alleged he received in the “fight.” In addition, Trayvon’s body was found face down in the grass with his hands underneath his body, according to the initial police report, with his body in the opposite direction of the concrete, severely casting doubt on the possibility that he was slamming Zimmerman’s head into the concrete at the time of his murder. This is further supported by funeral director, Richard Kurtz, who told HLN’s Nancy Grace that there were no signs of cuts or bruising on Trayvon’s hands or knuckles to indicate that there had been a fight at all.

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The fact that George Zimmerman is still free is a blatant miscarrriage of justice in Jahvaris’ eyes and he hopes that punishment comes swiftly:

I think it sends the wrong message. It tells people that, you know, you could murder someone, no one sees it and you say self defense.”

Jahvaris Fulton, Trayvon MartinFamily trips to New York are among the fond memories that Jahvaris has of his brother, just running around the city, visiting the wax museum and taking in the sights. He also speaks about Trayvon’s love for children. To this day, Jahvaris says that he can’t bear to listen to the 911 tapes of what could possibly be his brother screaming for his life, instead, he just turns the channel.

When asked what he would tell Trayvon if he could, Jahvaris said that the only thing that he could think of is to tell him to avoid the situation, but he knows that wouldn’t have helped:

The only think I could think of is to tell him to run, but he did run and the guy followed. There is nothing different that he could have done.”


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