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Jessica Elizabeth, a bartender at an exclusive nightclub in Chicago called “Proof,” was given the boot because she used her Facebook page to rant incessantly about Blacks, reports The Huffington Post.

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On the social media site, Elizabeth would reportedly start conversations  with complaints, such as “wow so insane how one race of people can be so f**king incompetent and disgusting.”  Elizabeth’s comments on her disturbing views of African Americans with her Facebook friends would evolve into rants that her friends co-signed:

“Send them all somewhere [sic] I don’t care where.  They make everything dirty, ignorant and can’t act like normal human beings.”

“I just dropped one (on her f**king nasty face and huge nose.  They are really apes and must not be fully developed.”

“Even when they’re in their 40’s they can’t act intelligent and they wonder why they can’t find jobs.   I’d never f**king hire one either.”

“Should be entitled to nothing they’re f**king animals”

Friend Andy J. Cuthbertson responds:

“Jess you just about summed up what I’ve always felt!”

A Proof representative spotted Elizabeth’s derogatory comments about Blacks and referred to her as “Hitler.”   He also requested that she remove the offensive comments from her Facebook account, because she was in violation of the club’s social media contract.   Elizabeth responded by stating:

r u joking? i have a life outside the club

Proof’s owner Mike Bloem got wind of Elizabeth’s toxic Facebook exchanges and fired her.  Bloem then issued the following statement in response to the incident:

Proof would like to confirm its belief in equality, fairness and tolerance to all our friends and partners, Bloem said, according to Eater Chicago. Sadly, on occasion, we are all exposed to ignorance and racism.  We believe that by continuing to be true to our ideals and leading through our actions that each of us can be an agent for positive change.

Elizabeth’s Facebook exchange has been removed and her account has since been made private.

Still, patrons reported mistreatment as the result of racism from other employees at Proof on the club’s Yelp page.

You can read some of Elizabeth’s posts here at 312 Dining Diva.

Are we really in 2012?


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