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Former “Like It Is” host and decorated Black journalist Gil Noble died on Thursday at the age of 80, according to the NY Daily News.

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Noble, who hosted “Like It Is” for more than four decades, suffered a severe stroke in July of 2011. While many hoped he would return to his award-winning show last September, Noble’s family announced that he would not be returning to the limelight.

Noble’s “Like It Is” focused on African-American and African diasporic issues. On his show, Noble interviewed dozens of icons, such as Muhammad Ali, Bob Marley, Sammy Davis Jr., Sarah Vaughan, Julius Nyerere, Sidney Poitier, Harold Washington, and many more.

Throughout his career, the Harlem-born media maven won four Emmy Awards, more than 650 community awards, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association of Black Journalists, and was awarded five honorary doctorates.

Also an author, Noble penned his autobiography “Black Is the Color of My TV Tube” in 1981 and created a number of documentaries, including “Decade of Struggle,” “The Tallest Tree in Our Forest,” and “Essay on Drugs.”

Our prayers go out to the Noble family. They must be proud. RIP, Gil Noble.

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