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While the Trayvon Martin case in Florida has sparked a series of debates about race relations in America, a video of a violent attack that took place in Baltimore over St.

Patrick’s Day weekend has now made its way to the national conversation. On March 30, an unknown person uploaded a camphone video taping of a group of Black Baltimore youth savagely beating and robbing a White Virginia man while onlookers laughed.

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The video was uploaded to the popular website Worldstar Hip Hop; the site’s main draw is its propensity for fans to upload violent clips and sexually suggestive content.  In the case of the Baltimore beating, the group of youth is seen in downtown Baltimore surrounding the man. While several women dance suggestively with him, someone in the crowd takes notice of his expensive watch.

As someone off screen lifts the man’s pockets, he goes to retrieve the item when one of the men punches him to the ground. From there, the group surrounded the man and began to strip and rob him of his clothes, car keys, and beat him while one of the men videotaped the event. A bystander videotaping from across the street does not help the man, but instead, is heard laughing while the beating took place.

(YouTube has the unedited version of the beating on their site. Please be warned that the video contains graphic language and some brief nudity. Just search the site using our headline)

Baltimore residents were stunned by the findings, according to several reports. The victim, an unnamed Arlington man, was unaware of the video and the details surrounding the event until a relative alerted him of the video. Baltimore detectives are said to be investigating the case and hope to bring the suspects to justice.

“He had every right to leave wherever he was and get back to where he needed to be safely. Their behavior was just criminal,” Det. Nicole Monroe of the Baltimore City Police Department said to local CBS affiliate WJZ-13. “Not only was he relieved of his property after he was assaulted, but there were a lot of other things done to him that are disturbing to look at, and we want to bring these people to justice.”


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