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It seems as if comedian Kevin Hart is taking a page from mentor Steve Harvey‘s play book and offering unsolicited advice to Black women.

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In a new cartoon, titled, “Being a ‘Strong Black Woman’ Does Not Mean Having An Attitude,” Hart depicts three Black women, one looking as if she just got off work from the strip club, one dressed as if she’s wearing her 7-year-old daughter’s shirt (belly bulge poking out and all), and the other one scowling as if she will cut you if you approach her. In short, the stereotypical depictions of Black women that poison the media. Ignoring the innocent greeting of a well-dressed, well-meaning brother, they dismiss him as a weak, geeky “n**ga.”

The second part of the cartoon shows the same Black man with his arm around a modestly dressed, smiling white or bi-racial woman. The same three Black women are now pouting and rolling their eyes, calling him a self-hating sell-out.

The message is clearly meant to point out a mythical hypocrisy that some Black men have latched onto that casts Black women as flip-flopping, insecure and superficial people who do not want Black men, yet criticize them for dating outside of their “race.”

Even more glaring, is the disrespectful, half-naked way that the sisters are attired, compared to the relatively “preppy” clothes of the White/Bi-racial woman.

This is not the first time that Hart has drawn the ire of Black women. In a previous Twitter post, Hart had this to say about women with dark-complexions:

After the backlash of his fans became evident, he told them to remember that he’s just a “comedian,” and that dark-skinned women should stop being so sensitive.

Right. Nothing like being called a “broke hoe” to put a smile on a sista’s face.

With comedy apparently being Hart’s new synonym for insulting “strong” Black women — with a smile –I don’t know why anyone would want to “Think Like A Man.”

At least not this one.


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