An NYPD officer was shot and killed yesterday in Harlem, New York as he was trying to track down a suspected robber. Thirty-three-year-old Randolph Holder and his partner, who both were dressed in plainclothes, were responding to the claim of a stolen bike. They witnessed the suspect riding the bike on an overpass. According to […]

Has the movie “Think Like A Man” been banned in France, as many American websites are reporting? According to sources at Sony Pictures U.S., the answer is “Non!” “The movie was never planned for release in France,” said an executive inside Sony’s publicity department, who asked that her name be withheld. In other words, you […]

It seems as if comedian Kevin Hart is taking a page from mentor Steve Harvey‘s play book and offering unsolicited advice to Black women. SEE ALSO: Gumbel: I Was Embarrassed by Today ‘Co-Host’ Palin In a new cartoon, titled, “Being a ‘Strong Black Woman’ Does Not Mean Having An Attitude,” Hart depicts three Black women, […]

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No matter what point of view we all take on the state of Black relationships, we can all agree that there some serious, ugly issues.  In fact, the depth of the dysfunction that has come to plague the Black family structure is sick enough to make you wonder if we should declare an indefinite moratorium […]