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The IRS is showing 90’s R&B singer Montel Jordan exactly “how they do it” by going after him for a debt of $617,000 they claim he hasn’t satisfied, reports TMZ.

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A tax lien was first filed in 2004 and Jordan apparently failed to pay up. Last month, the feds went after the 43-year-old yet again, hitting him with another lien.

Jordan insists that he paid his bill years ago after he sold his music catalog. He claims that the money has been sitting in an account administered by a division of the U.S. Justice Department that oversees bankruptcy cases.

Ironically, the performer’s hit signature song “This Is How We Do It” served this year as the soundtrack for a Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. advertising campaign, called, unsurprisingly, “Jackson Hewitt’s How You Do It.”

Jordan, who filed for bankruptcy in 2004, says he is disputing some of the penalties that have been levied against him by the feds.

Jordan gave up the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and the music business to become a born-again Christian.  In 2010, Jordan announced that he was becoming a worship minister at the Victory World Church in Atlanta.  Jordan is also expecting his fourth child in May with wife Kristin.

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