Here are some tips to help you get your tax refund back as fast as possible.

Over the last week a viral meme catapulted into the internet, promising a piece of financial relief under the weight of student loans.

Government officials warn people of certain schemes.

Are you not receiving a tax refund this year? Blame it on Trump and the greedy Republicans.


There are always stragglers who postpone filing their taxes until the eleventh hour, which many time can mean the deadline is missed.

DMX could serve up to five years in prison after pleading guilty in federal court to tax evasion.

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While Mary J. Blige is having divorce drama with her ex Martin "Kendu" Isaacs, she has also found herself way behind on her taxes.


Sasha Obama was noticeably absent during President Obama's final speech on Tuesday. According to reports, she was studying for an exam.


Uh oh. According to TMZ, Nelly owes the IRS over $2 million in unpaid taxes. “He’s also got state tax trouble — earlier this year, the Missouri Department of Revenue said the St. Louis rapper owed $149,511 in unpaid state taxes from 2013,” TMZ reports. “He originally owed a mere $113,533 … but interest is a bitch.” […]

MC Hammer (pictured), a rapper who skyrocketed to fame in the early ’90s then plummeted to near poverty, is on the Fed’s radar again. This time, Hammer reportedly owes hundred of thousands of dollars, according to TMZ. SEE ALSO: UPDATED: Kanye West Slams Satirical Interview Over Mandela Quotes The IRS reportedly sued both Hammer and […]

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One of my favorite book series is Anne Rice’s “The Vampire Chronicles.” They include her books “Interview with a Vampire,” “The Vampire Lestat,” and “Queen of the Damned,” among others.  These stories sucked you right in. They are fun reads and fast paced. In these stories, you read of certain characters that are whispered about […]

In an interesting twist, President Barack Obama‘s former press secretary, Robert Gibbs, criticized his friend and former boss’ “exceedingly passive” response to the revelation that the IRS placed extra scrutiny on conservative groups: “The problem is this – the tenor of this briefing would be different if the president had spoken about this on Saturday […]