Former Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy Robert McClain sexually assaulted, tortured and beat his wife and her lover after learning they were having an affair, the Daily Mail reports.


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McClain’s 12-year marriage was not doing well and his wife began seeing a 23-year-old man for four months, according to the Orange County Deputy District Attorney John Christl.

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McClain reported convinced his wife to let him meet her lover. Then, according to the Daily Mail, things got medieval from that point forward:

Authorities say the confrontation took place at a leasing office in Irvine where McClain’s wife worked.

A break room became a makeshift torture chamber, with McClain using two guns and a knife he had brought to the meeting, Christl said.

McClain, a former Marine, repeatedly struck the man with his fists, asking him how many times he slept with his wife, then took a knife and slashed the victim’s face, arm and groin, Christl said.

Propping him up on a chair, McClain said: ‘Are you glad you cheated with my wife, now?’

At one point, McClain gave his wife a gun loaded with one bullet to kill the man, Christl said. On the fourth try, she fired, but no one was injured.

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